Motivation And Inspiration Are Limited. What You Need Is A System.

Don’t work harder. Work smarter.

A lot of people had asked me about how I manage to consistently produce content and maintain my personal brand. They want to know how I find motivation and inspiration. Here is the truth; as a working mother with a demanding full-time job, I don’t always have the energy, motivation, or inspiration. But my key to consistently producing content is through this system that I’ve created. I am not waiting for an inspiration to strike or creative energy to appear, I just sit at my desk and get to work.

The system also allows me to set a clear boundary and work-life balance because I am not busy doing busy work, I am being productive and purposeful with what I am doing.

Let me provide an outline of what my system looks like. They are broken down into three parts.

  • Top-level Goals
  • Key Results
  • Tasks List

I then go by the following cadence.

  • Top-level Goals are created yearly.
  • Key Results are reviewed quarterly.
  • Tasks List is updated monthly.

Tasks List, therefore, serves as my To-Do list while making sure that I am not putting an effort into activities that are aligned with my top-level goals.

You may download the System I’ve personally used here. I’ve populated the system with relatable goals, key results and tasks, as well as great resources for creators. You can see the outcome of the system by checking out my social media and website.

Whether you’re a maker, content creator, freelancer, indie hacker, influencer, or thought leader, The Creator System will help you stay organised and on track. You no longer need to rely solely on your motivation or inspiration to get things done. With The Creator System, you will effortlessly move forward in the right direction and achieve your goals.

🚀 Check out the system, stop procrastinating and start shipping!

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