Brief Summary About My Book For Senior Tech Leaders

Commence, Connect, Coach & Cultivate — A How-to Guide for Senior Tech Leaders

Isabel Nyo
4 min readAug 8, 2022


If you’ve ever wanted to me more strategic and intentional as a senior engineering leader (CTO, VP Engineering, Technology Director, Group Engineering Manager, etc), this is the book for you!

Part I: How to: Commence

Whether you have decided to level up in your engineering management career or whether you are looking for a different environment where you can add value as a senior tech leader, Part I is for you. From how to create an effective resume that leads to productive interviews to how to stop your own self-sabotage that is limiting you from getting to your desired goal, you will find them in the five chapters in this section.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

  1. How to Create an Effective Resume for a Senior Tech Leader role
  2. How to Demonstrate your Experience and Seniority at Interviews
  3. How to Decide What Kind of Company to Work for
  4. How to Reframe your Thinking and Overcome Imposter Syndrome
  5. How to Become a Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Part II: How to: Connect

I really like the word “Connect”. Such a versatile word. There are multiple types of connecting that a senior tech leader is required to perform in their role. Connecting the dots, Connecting the strategy to execution, Connecting with people, Connecting with the reality on the ground and last but not least, Connecting with their authentic self.

Are you ready to connect? Let’s do it!

  1. How to Plan for Your First 90 Days at a New Senior Tech Leader Role
  2. How to Cut Through Noise and Focus on The Big Picture
  3. How to Stay Across Projects Without Being in the Weeds
  4. How to Adopt Agile in your Organization
  5. How to Communicate with Authenticity
  6. How to Reset your Brain and Boost your Productivity

Part III: How to: Coach