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Four insights from coaching technology leaders all over the globe remotely

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I’ve always enjoyed coaching and mentoring people in their career growth. I find it rewarding. And interesting. I’ve been doing it for the past few years, directly as part of my role as a manager, and also to under-represented folks in the technology industry. All my coaching and mentoring used to happen in-person, sometimes ad-hoc and usually with an existing network of people I already know and therefore, most of the folks I coached were located in Sydney.

Last year, with the pandemic, everything changed. As I started coaching people on zoom even if they worked for the same company…

Your habits become your values, your values become your destiny.

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Humans are creatures of habits. Habits transform our lives because we become what we repeatedly do, day after day. If you want to be achieve something in life, whether to become more mindful, to receive a promotion, to make a million dollars, to get better grades, etc, you can’t simply do something out of the blue and expect to achieve your goal the next day. Likewise, becoming an exceptional person takes a consistent effort, and you can only do that by creating good daily habits.

Habits are a fundamental dimension of successful leadership. Leaders must cultivate and practice habits in…

How to onboard well as a software developer by knowing and nailing the expectation of your role

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Recently, Microsoft surveyed 30,000 workers in 31 countries about work, and according to the survey results, 41% of workers globally are thinking about quitting their current jobs. It doesn’t require a genius to figure out that tech companies are going to be the ones most impacted by this as the tech industry is one of the fastest-growing industries amidst the global pandemic. So if you are a software developer, you will likely be joining a new company in the next 12–18 months.

Changing to a new job can be quite stressful — but it’s also a good thing. It puts…

For CTOs, VPs of Engineering and Engineering Managers

  1. What does a day in the life of an engineering leader look like?
  2. How do CTOs measure their team’s performance?
  3. How to write effectively as an engineering manager?
  4. What are the professional OKRs for engineering managers?
  5. How often should a VP of Engineering attend a team’s standup as their skip-level manager?
  6. What’s one common problem that engineering managers at tech companies find with their software engineers?
  7. What’s one common problem that engineering managers at tech companies face with their software engineers?
  8. How do you manage career aspirations of software engineers?
  9. What are some productivity habits for leaders to have?
  10. As…

Avoid these mistakes to increase your chances of getting your dream job offer

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As software is becoming increasingly ubiquitous and software developers make up 70–80% of a tech company’s workforce, there is an increasing need for managers who look after those developers. As a result, there is a rise in the number of engineering managers in recent years.

When you’re applying for an engineering manager’s role, you will be competing with other engineering managers for the best company to work for, one that not only pays well but also will look good on their resumes.

So the question is how would you have an edge above other candidates so that you get noticed…

To make sure you have time for impactful work instead of spending endless hours on administrative tasks

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We’ve all heard of the timeless advice for business owners and entrepreneurs; work ON your business rather than IN your business every day in order to be successful. What if I told you that the advice is true for engineering managers as well. We are in the midst of technology transformation, software is now the centre of every business and we are seeing first hand how technology is used to accomplish various tasks in every industry, from purchasing your grocery to getting health care.

But as an engineering manager, you may forget that you can and you should leverage technology…

What to do when you feel like you’re falling out of love with programming

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Are you a coder (programmer, developer, software engineer, and so on) who feels like you are trapped on a hamster wheel, running out of inspiration and motivation to write beautiful code? The one job that you used to enjoy so much feels boring, or worse, painful? Are you wondering if there is more to your career than this?

I am an engineering manager who was once a coder like you. …

In Less Than Ten Minutes

You have the technical skills, you have the job experience, you have the right attitude, and yet, your dream of getting hired at a tech company is still a dream. Can you relate?

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Getting a job offer at a tech company is much more than doing well in coding tests. In fact, what I am going to share with you is not about coding tests at all. There are many more roles that tech companies are looking to fill other than developer roles. Roles such as Product Manager, Content Designer, Product Designer, Marketing Manager, Customer Success Manager, just to name…

The issue isn’t limited to culture fit. There’s a bigger problem

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What a time we live in now! Recently, with the #AAPIhate campaigns, some may think that such discrimination is limited to physical violence and that it does not exist in white-collar workplaces.

Unfortunately, as an Asian woman in tech, I’ve experienced AAPI hate more often than I want to remember. AAPI hate incidents range from physical attacks to microaggressions. …

Isabel Nyo

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