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The issue isn’t limited to culture fit. There’s a bigger problem

Wall art of Asian woman
Wall art of Asian woman

What a time we live in now! Recently, with the #AAPIhate campaigns, some may think that such discrimination is limited to physical violence and that it does not exist in white-collar workplaces.

Unfortunately, as an Asian woman in tech, I’ve experienced AAPI hate more often than I want to remember. AAPI hate incidents range from physical attacks to microaggressions. …

Don’t work harder. Work smarter.

A lot of people had asked me about how I manage to consistently produce content and maintain my personal brand. They want to know how I find motivation and inspiration. Here is the truth; as a working mother with a demanding full-time job, I don’t always have the energy, motivation, or inspiration. But my key to consistently producing content is through this system that I’ve created. I am not waiting for an inspiration to strike or creative energy to appear, I just sit at my desk and get to work.

The system also allows me to set a clear boundary…

Advanced sharing, free hosting and responsiveness are just some of the reasons.

Having an online resume these days is a necessity, instead of a nice-to-have. When you have an online resume, you can easily share it with anyone, anywhere, using any device.

Many people I know use LinkedIn as their online resume, and while it is not bad, it is not fit for purpose. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got a LinkedIn profile and I am pretty active on LinkedIn — I share articles, musings, and job opportunities and interact with other like-minded people in the industry. However, LinkedIn is not an online resume, it’s a professional social network.

So without any…

International Women’s Day is around the corner. Let’s look forward to a change

Woman speaking at work meeting
Woman speaking at work meeting

As an advocate for women in technology — and being a woman in technology myself — I have been approached a few times by companies and leaders for ideas and best practices to retain and promote female talent in the industry. It’s great to see because if companies only focus on hiring female talent and do not put as much effort into supporting them and creating an environment that enables them to thrive, it would be like collecting water with leaky buckets.

The truth is that women in tech are not all that different from women in other industries. However…

Be vigilant by understanding pivotal learning mistakes

Image of half an archway close to housing
Image of half an archway close to housing

Learning, upskilling, and staying in touch with the latest technology and trends are a part of any software developer’s life. They are not optional extras but are vital to the successful achievement of a developer’s career goals. However, there are some common learning mistakes that developers often make regardless of where they are currently in their careers.

The common learning mistakes are:

  1. Not having a learning plan.
  2. Not setting a clear end goal.
  3. Choosing too broad a topic.
  4. Having a consumption overload.
  5. Not keeping track of progress.

1. Not Having a Learning Plan

Don’t self-sabotage. Become your own biggest self-advocate and get ahead at work

You really wanted that promotion to become a senior employee, manager or director, but for some reason, you were overlooked yet again. Of course, you’re disappointed, but you’re also somewhat relieved. “Oh well, I am probably not ready yet,” you thought to yourself.

If this sounds like you, then there is one thing that’s holding you back. It is not your skill, ability, or performance. It’s your limiting beliefs. That’s right: You are holding yourself back from getting promoted due to your own limiting beliefs. What are limiting beliefs? They are the assumptions we have that restrict us from achieving…

A practical guide for engineering managers at tech companies.

The Engineering Manager’s How-To Guide is very targeted for engineering managers, and in this book, you won’t find generic advice like having regular 1:1’s, giving feedback, etc. Yes, those things are absolutely important, but they are not specific to an engineering manager’s role. It’s my goal to make sure this book provides a concise and actionable guide for engineering managers, the specific and niche content for engineering managers that you won’t find in other leadership and management books.

Here are the key takeaways from each chapter in the book.

Chapter 1

How To Transition From A Software Engineer To An Engineering Manager

3 steps to take after you’ve made up your…

Office Hours

How to write a resume that showcases your analytical skills and business acumen

Data scientist role is one of the highest-paying and most prestigious roles in 2021. As technology becomes the centre of our lives due to digital transformation in the last decade and data can be used to tell compelling stories to business executives, data scientists become an in-demand professional. There are both good and bad sides to this transformation. Let’s start with the good. If you are a data scientist, it means you will be sought-after and your chance of getting a job is high. …

The need for agile project management becomes more important than ever as software development increases in complexity and teams are working remotely. From how decisions are made about a technical design of a feature to how teams respond to customers on an outage, and everything in between, having a structured approach helps you manage software delivery teams and deliver customer value with ease and efficiency.

The 4 easy & proven ways to adopt agile in your organisation today are:

1) Set up agile ceremonies and cadence

And what to use instead in measuring performance

Let’s face it, our industry is obsessed with the idea that more is better —multitasking, working long hours, hustling, getting many things done.

However, as we embrace a new way of working, remote work, distributed environment, we know we need to let go of things from the past that no longer work. This includes using vanity metrics and old-fashioned ways to measure productivity.

Because more isn’t always better, especially when it comes to measuring the performance of a software engineer.

Don’t: Use story points completed to measure the performance of a software engineer

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